Video chat app for Vero2 OSMC?

Just wondering if there is a way to run a video chat with my kids on our TV, while I’m away from home with work. As an alternative to using smartphones or tablets.

Our smart TV used to support Skype video calling with specific USB webcams, but Microsoft seems to have killed that feature because they felt smartphones made it redundant.

Has anyone managed to get a video chat app working with OSMC on the Vero 2 with a USB webcam?
The remote end could be an iOS phone app, or a laptop running Ubuntu, Win7 or Win10.

Thanks for reading

  • Martin

Your only chance for that is if you dual boot android on the Vero2 and than install a respective App. But not sure how reliable it is and also if Camera will be detected


Just realised the LG Smart TV does screen mirroring - but annoyingly only from Android or Windows. But we may be able to dig out an old Android tablet and use Skype with that