Video conferencing on OSMC?

Hi there,

I’m running OSMC on a Raspi 3. Since it’s already connected to my TV screen, I’d like to connect a camera (PS3 Eye) to it and use it for videoconferencing. I was thinking, maybe install chromium and use a webbased service. Again, I was thinking But any other videoconferencing system would be fine.

Has anyone of you done something like that before? Can you give me any hints? Are instructions like the one below still working? (Github is 6 months old.) And would it support streaming video in chromium?

Any help is highly appreciated!


I don’t think this will work well due to a lack of hardware acceleration.

Hmmm… Unfortunate. By “this”, you mean the PS3 Eye / Raspberry / OSMC / Chromium / Jitsi idea? Or videoconferencing altogether?

Videoconferencing in the Browser running on X11.
But there is nothing stopping you to try it.

Thanks for your clarifications! I got a similarly disencouraging reply in the other thread.

I’ll abandon the Chrome idea then for the time being. :-/ I’ll let you know here if I find a working solution!