Video config for osmc with two displays (TV + projector)

Hello and happy New Year to all

I’ve been reading quite a lot of threads about display resolutions, adjusting refresh rate and so, I’m getting mad trying to understand everything, but I still don’t have a clear solution to my issue.

First of all, my setup (cheap and quite satisfying solution for home entertaining)

I’m running OSCM (latest update) on my RaspPi 2. It’s connected to an HDMI 4x2 matrix so I can use both my low-end HD-ready Samsung TV or my Optoma HD131xe projector (fullHD), I can even use both displays at the same time. Audio goes to the HDMI matrix and from there I send it to my old Denon Hifi using the jack output (no passtrough then, Raspberry decodes and downmixes when needed).
Projector and TV support different resolution and refresh rate modes:
TV: 720p and 1080i both 50Hz / 60Hz
Projector (among others): 720p at 50Hz / 60Hz - 1080p at 24Hz / 30Hz / 50Hz / 60Hz

Most of my video contents are 720p mkv’s but with various fps, from 23.976 to 50 and are stored in a NAS connected to the Raspberry in my gigabit LAN (no stutter or problems due to bandwith).

Now, as my displays may not support all the video modes I activated in OSMC “Adjust Display Refresh Rate” and “Sync Playback to Display”, but I’m still suffering some judder. It seems like OSMC doesn’t get right the display refresh rate. I have to say that Raspberry is on 24/7 whereas I turn on the displays when I want to see something. I’m suspecting that OSMC is unable to recognize the displays when those are turned on after the Rasp is. I saw there is a solution capturing the edid.dat and changing config.txt but I don’t know how to do it having two screens.

So, my questions:

  • Is there a suitable approach to my situation?
  • If not, taking into account that most of the times I use the projector and TV is a secondary option, Could you help me to think the best possible configuration?

Thanks in advance and keep on with this great software!!

Try this.

Thanks @ActionA for your input.

I had already checked that thread, and my doubt is what could happen when playing 24hz in my tv based in my projector’s edid.dat.

I guess some trial&error won’t hurt!

The pi has no ability to support multiple displays. You’re best option is to find a resolution that is supported by both or at least some happy medium. It’s highly unlikely that there will be a perfect solution for this use case. If you need to set a specific output (not necessarily what is requested by either edid) then you would do so in config.txt using the the mode options here

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