Video delay


When I open a video it will start with a delay of about 2 seconds. So let’s say I go to the YouTube Addon and play this video: Eating 100 McDonalds Burgers - YouTube
Instead of “Hey guys it’s ComedyShortsGamer here” it will begin with “…sGamer here”.

Is there a way to fix this little issue?

Thank you and have a great day!

It’s probably caused by your TV or AV receiver being slow to lock on to the audio signal when playback starts. You can keep the HDMI audio channel active all the time by going to Settings->System->Audio output, change “keep audio device alive” to “always”.

I changed “keep audio device alive” to “always” but the issue still persists.

Does disabling “adjust display refresh rate to match video” help?
Does changing “audio configuration” to “fixed” in system/audio settings help (you will need to have omxplayer disabled for this).

Disabling “adjust display refresh rate to match video” seems to do the trick. Strangely the problem still occurs for the first video I open. (Since OSMC booted).
Anyway thank you!

Okay, that is due the TV locking on to the changed signal.
If you prefer to have that setting enabled (which gives smoother video) then you can enabled a delay. See:

and “pause during refresh rate change”

Ah of course - I forgot about the resync delay when switching refresh rates… I have mine set to 2.5 seconds.