Video fails to black screen, audio carries on, during automatic play

Issue: Using automatic play to move through video files in a TV series (video files are located on NAS accessed via SMB), when one video file completes playing, when the next file starts, the screen goes black but the audio is fine. Any button on the physical remote or Kore remote app brings the video back. Everything is then fine, until that file finishes and the next one starts, and it all happens again. This only started happening since the March update, the same video files did not experience the same issue in 12+ months of previous Vero updates, so I don’t suspect the source video files are at fault.

Setup: Vero, March update, connected via Ethernet cable. Video files via SMB to a NAS. Black OSMC remote via OSMC dongle, not other peripherals.

Logs just after it happened:

Thanks in advance for any help on this one! :slight_smile:


You have a lot of problems accessing files on your NAS. It may not be related, but it’s still something that you should address. For example:

19:37:10.008 T:1460663280   ERROR: GetDirectory - Failed to stat file smb://NAS/Data/Films/Absolutely%20Fabulous%20The%20Movie%20-%202016.avi

I’d recommend:

  • using a static IP address for the NAS instead of its hostname if possible
  • using an /etc/fstab based mount for the NAS instead if possible


Thanks @sam_nazarko

I put an NFS mount into fstab, but it doesn’t seem to be processed on reboot. However, if I do mount -a via SSH after boot, it mounts fine with no errors. Is this expected behaviour?

You need to use x-systemd-automount

Thanks @sam_nazarko

I’ve left the server as hostname rather than IP, but moving to NFS via fstab with x-systemd-automount is a hell of a lot more stable than SMB just through the GUI. All sorted I think! :smile: