Video files keep being overwritten in a weird way

Hi everyone,

For the past few months I have been experiencing something strange. Video files, specifically movies, are being overwritten by TV shows.

The file is still there, but when I play it, it either starts with the original video and then suddenly switches to something different from the hard drive - as if it was a VHS and someone recorded over part of it.

In other cases the file is there and the right size, but when I play it instead I get a TV show. When I play the files on a regular PC, I get the same thing - the file has been overwritten.

Now the files are fine when added beforehand and in some cases I watched the file in question with no problems - yet to watch it a few days later and it has new content in it.

This happens regardless of adding a file to the library. Even if the file sits in a spot that OSMC doesn’t scan for the library, it still gets overwritten.

How can I troubleshoot this?

thank you,

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Where are your files stored? On a local drive? Do you maybe have a symlink accidentally set up. This would explain this behaviour, to some extent


I wouldn’t think it’s a symlink problem, as that would overwrite the entire file, not pieces of files.

It sounds more like:

  1. You have the ‘My Roomate Taped Over My Favorite Show’ plugin :smiling_imp:
  2. Your drive where the files are stored has major filesystem corruption
  3. The drive is dying.

My bet would be #3.