Video folder / noob here

First of all thank you so much for providing an awesome MMC for nooblet like me, for that I thank you!
I have several noobie questions :slight_smile:

  1. I do not own a pc so in cannot supply logs
  2. would like to learn to program so I can be more helpful in the future, do I need to learn python?
  3. when adding a video source I use this tut
    But for some reason my kayak expedition videos do not show up (avi, mp4 etc)
    is there a way to make the videos menu go directly to the video files instead of the files menu (and click till I get to see them?
    My apologies for my lack of knowledge to use technical terms.
    thank you in advance!


Welcome :slight_smile:

  1. how did you write that post? (you can upload logs directly from osmc)

How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC (Providing Logs)
Remote file and film/TV buttons not working after May update - #2 by ActionA

  1. while it is no bad idea to learn python, this will be not much of use regarding oscm and linux. More efficient would be to achieve some general linux know how, this will be more helpfull regarding oscm imho.

  2. Are you trying to get your privat videos show up in the library? This will be tricky since your private videos are not scrapped and they cannot be identified. They should show up under “Videos” as the element you defined while adding the source. Where are these videos located? External HDD? Internal storage? Network path?


Thank you for that speedy reply and info

  1. I posted via galaxy s6+.
  2. Linux it is than
  3. yes I am trying to have them show Indeed, I use a USB stick with separated folders for music, videos, pictures.

regarding your files, I’m still not sure what the exact problem is. do they show up under videos? (not movies?) If so you can modify the skin to fade out the menu items you don’t like. also there is a addon which allowes you to specify the nodes in the skin. check out

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Hi there!
The problem is that I want personal kayaking videos to show up under movies.
When I select movies from main screen I want all content from the USB stick folder to show up in movies / videos.
Now I have to select videos / movies / files / memstick / videos and select the file

Add the location to the library, set content as movies, check the option to ignore the location when scraping.

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Thank you for the solution!
Really appreciated

No problem, enjoy!