Video freeze/pause and green lines on stop of play

Hi Sam
this is the URL for the logs below.
The issue follows a complete install so i could get the system on my very 4k up to Kodi 19 to allow me to add-on iplayer
After the update was installed this problem appeared, on play of any movie or tv show from my external hard drives the system flickers with some green lines and pauses the show a few seconds in, on the second press of the play button the show runs as normal, NO issues until i stop the play, the screen flickers and goes black for a few moments and then returns to normal.
i use a powered hard drive hub, with 4 drives attached. this is just the same as before the upgrade.
in prep for the logs a ran a few clips using various shows in various formats from more than one drive to show the issue.
i have tested the drive and cable connections, no issues there.

Hi Cliff

Thanks for posting the logs as requested in the ticket.

I wonder if what you’re witnessing is just the refresh rate changing on your TV.
We change the refresh rate to match the material you are playing to avoid choppy playback. This is normal and isn’t an issue. Some TVs take a bit longer to switch resolution however.

There are a few options:

  • You can disable this completely under Settings → Playback. The setting is called ‘Adjust Refresh Rate’ and you could set this to Off. It’s currently set to Start/Stop. This could lead to a juddery image though but you may not notice it yourself.
  • The other option is to change the UI to 1080p24hz under Settings → Display. When you play content, the refresh rate changes may be less drastic and take less time for your TV to lock on to the new signal.

The first option might be appropriate. My guess is that you had it Off and never noticed it before. We only made it a default a couple of years ago and if you’ve come from a very old version it would have been off out of the box.


Thanks Sam what you have explained sounds totally logical even to a novice like myself. I will try this option

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks Sam, the first option did the trick, no flicker and no green lines and i cannot say that i notice any issues on playback.
I have also resolved an early issue on sound, as my amplifier is a pioneer older 5.1 with the older HDMI, my video goes to the TV and i forgot my sound was going via s/pif, i thought i was having problems with the digital sound from some newer files and it seems i just had switch on the AC3 transcoding.
Now fully up to date and all working great.
When we move home and i update the TV i shall invest in your new Vero V.

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Glad to hear this is now working as expected