Video freezes and kwsapd0 is using 97% CPU

Streaming a file from Google Drive using a Web DAV source via another server… It’ll play for a while but then it freezes and kswapd0 is using a huge amount of CPU until i finally manage to stop it playing (or it crashes)…

logs are here :

i’ve since removed the kodi connect addon which i thought might be causing it… I’ve also stopped Sonarr from grabbing episodes and informing OSCM which was also going on at the time… I’m testing again now, just wondered if anything else stands out in the logs?

I think there’s too many factors at play there.

Cut one server out at least.

I know what you mean, but i’ve made it sound overly complicated…

I have a Windows server that has a webdav connection to Google Drive… i point OSMC to that as a source… it’s worked fine for the last few months.

I think it was either Kodi Connect bombing out (so i’ve uninstalled it) or osmc getting notifications to rescan the library as Sonarr was adding a whole bunch of episodes…

Try disabling those add-ons as a test