Video freezes, audio continues

I regularly experience a freeze when I playback a 1080p h264 file. However, audio keeps playing just fine. When the freeze occurs, I am not doing anything other than playing the video. To resume playback, I just stop the video and press play again. Usually no reboot is required.
My setup: connect the Vero 4k to an external DAC with spdif, and my files are on a NAS (mounted NFS share through fstab).

Full logs can be found here:


Have you tried playing back ones of the videos showing the issues locally, either from usb or the vero4k’s internal storage?

Thanks Tom.

Does it happen with all files or just some?
If you get rid of the DAC temporarily, does it still happen?


No I have not. I also have a raspberry pi 3 and never had any issues with remote playback. Btw, I have a wired connection to my Vero.

It happens with more than just the one file. And removing the DAC did not do anything unfortunately. However, I just had a freeze, and this time no audio either (probably due to the fact that I removed the DAC), with the prompt: read rate too slow for continuous playback.

That sounds very much like a throughput issue with your network which causes the buffer to run low. Obviously, like you described above, a stop and re-play would solve that for a while as the Vero gets some time to rebuffer upon the new playback… But it would run low again. Does it happen again after you stop and play?

Please try local playback from internal storage or USB. This way we can narrow this down probably to a network issue.

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I really do not believe that this is the case. I have been able to stream a 4k HDR remux over my network without any freezes or “read rate too slow for continuous playback” messages, while the video I have had several crashes was 1080p with a low bitrate.

My wired network is gigabit so it wouldn’t make any sense if that was the cause.

Please test anyways… We can’t guess what the issue is, but we need to cancle out certain things and try narrowing the issue down.

is an indicator for a throughput issue.

I’ve played the video now from local storage (internal storage of the Vero 4k) and I get the same freezes as I did earlier.

That would indicate a problem with the file. Can you provide mediainfo?

It would be good if we could find out more about the file you are having issues playing. Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

And another question I’d add: do the affected files have anything in common? Source, encoding, anything?

If you can provide a small sample of the file that reproduces the problem, we can give it a test here to see if we can replicate the issue


So recently I have only played 1080p bluray encodes or webrips, and with both of these file types the vero freezes after some time. Happened once at 30 minutes during a 45 minute tv episode. This fairly typical: it only occurs after some time, not immediately nor after a specific amount of time.

That is also why providing a short sample is not very helpful.

A small sample to reproduce this will really help, particularly if the issue is confined to h264

Unfortunately this issue has not been resolved by the february update.

Well did you enabled @sam_nazarko to reproduce?

Yes I have sent him a sample a while ago