Video freezes on "buffering" when streaming audio via Bluetooth

Hi Guys,

An issue which (I think) has been introduced in one of the recent versions - when streaming audio via Bluetooth, the video freezes after couple of seconds. In fact, it starts “buffering”, but just hangs there seemingly forever. I’m using an up to date OSMC (March update) on RPI3, with a Bluetooth dongle.

Below is a log showing two attempts at playing a video file - the first time (no Bluetooth), everything goes smoothly, but once Bluetooth is connected, playing the same video causes OSMC to buffer “forever”.

This does not seem to be related to any specific type of media.

Sorry for the post redundancy, however I was not sure this was going to get picked up on the A2DP thread.


A2DP is still experimental with testing feedback being collated and monitored in the other thread you linked to - you’re more likely to get responses there.

Did not get any responses until now, but thanks :slight_smile: