Video gradually darkens

I can understand the idea behind it, but I can’t see how normal content should ever cause it.
That kind of timeout should be far longer than any movie scene length, unless the total screen brightness is very high. You won’t get image retention on an image where the overall brightness is <25% of max unless you sit on that image for hours. At <50% of max, a half hour is probably OK.

Please explain this to LG.

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Is image retention on OLED really that much of a danger? I worried about my plasma at first, but then saw that the only thing that really caused problems was full white in the same place for at least several hours per day.
And, it really required something continuous, like a ticker. Even watching the same type of sporting event on the same channel didn’t do it, because the “fixed” graphics (like the score) often were hidden during things like replays.

I’m sure everything you’re saying is true, @nabsltd, but that doesn’t change the fact that LG have added this stupid feature to their televisions and that there is no way to turn it off. I only wish there were.

You can turn it off- see here: