Video gradually darkens

Since the last update, I have noticed that some 4k HDR content gradually darkens in a scene until it becomes very murky. This usually happens on darker, indoor scenes where there’s not many cuts and happens over a minute or so. When it cuts to a brighter shot, there is a noticeable and much faster brightening of the image.

My TV is LG B7 and it’s had no firmware updates of late and my settings haven’t changed.

I tried to upload a log but it complained of exceeding message length or something.


Reboot twice first then try to reproduce issue and post logs again.

Is it possible this is the TV’s auto brightness limiter kicking in?

AFAIK there’s nothing in our code that could cause this, but why would dark scenes trigger a limiter in the TV?

It’s not dark scenes, it’s static scenes. OLED is sensitive to screen-burn, so if the TV decides the picture isn’t varying enough (e.g. because you’ve left a video on pause without a screensaver) then it progressively dims the image until something significant changes - then it brightens up again.

My LG G6 does this, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the B7 did it too.

It’s strange OP has only noticed this recently though.


You mean based on ambient light? That’s turned off and curtains closed so it’s not that. I’ll maybe take a video to show what is happening

No, it’s based on the contents of the picture.

Tv has both those features, and both are off.
Log here:

FYI, you can’t turn this “feature” off. Its part of LG tvs that people have been complaining about for years, and they refuse to fix. I find a lot of HDR content unwatchable because of it, anything with a lot of dark scenes.


As mentioned, this is since last update so not TV related.

We haven’t changed or introduced anything that could cause this.

I will continue to monitor then as have only noticed it in 1 particular TV series. I just wondered whether others were seeing the same thing or not.

Have you tried switching to using the OSMC skin to see if that makes a difference?

And probably not related, but you have a banned repository in your sources. Those repositories are known to be problematic.

It also appears that you have a periodic library scan enabled, and there seem to be lots of missing content. Turn off the periodic scan and think about giving your library a good cleaning.

I have the same TV as you, its the TV. The fact you’re only noticing now is just coincidence. If you’re not convinced just do some googling around the issue.

Yeah I can delete that repo as it’s not used anyway.

Interesting. I switched to OSMC skin and when playing 4k/HDR file, I now don’t get the notification on my Tv that a HDR file is playing.

Scan is triggered by radarr/sonnar on download and import but I’m surprised there are orphaned entries as I use the clean command a few times a week at least. There’s not a deeper clean of the DB i am missing, is there?

Check out the texturecache script. I think it has a way to help find and remove the orphaned directories that the normal Kodi clean misses.

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Well looking at your old log (with the other skin) actually I believe Your Onkyo AVR is messing up with your EDID.

It’s a tx-nr656, which I noticed a few others have posted issues with.

Hiw could what you described be fixed and what are the results of incorrect edid?

Well if the Receiver would report not all Resolutions or not a HDR capability then the Vero would not sent respectively.
You could connect the Vero to the TV, store the EDID and then configure it to be used all the time. Either use the search function for “Vero4k EDID” or maybe someone else can post full instructions.

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