Video info

when I try to check info while play 4k hdr videos, the pixelformat info shows “unknown”
Is there any other way to see video information, like chroma subsampling and colour bitdepth?
I want to check if hdr 4k videos output as 10 bits 4:4:4:4 or what

Chroma and bit-depth info is not available from Kodi. You can use mediainfo to find out about that.

HDR 4k videos will be output as 10-bit if you have a 10-bit display. Chroma subsampling depends on the framerate and your display capabilities.

sorry about my “google translator” english
it seems I have not explained well. I have no problem to access video file info with mediainfo.
with other mediaplayer I can get OSD info about the video I am playing (bit-depth and chroma included). With that mediaplayer, I can set 10bit 4:4:4:4@24p, and I can check on the TV with OSD info, so I can check the player is configured properly and working ok
I guess that information is shown under the heading pixelformat with vero4+ OSD info tool. but I can´t see chroma and bitdepth info by OSD while play the video, I only get “unknown”
I try to get logs to check, but I am newbie to OSMC, so I don´t know the way to access log files in a “windows like form”.
I access log files via console “nano” command, but this is a pain to navigate the logs

As @grahamh pointed out, this information is not available through Kodi. You won’t find it anywhere… That’s unfortunately a limitation we can’t change.

thanks @grahamh and @Chillbo.