Video Issues with new Vero 4k+ - DOA?

I received my Vero 4k+ a couple of days ago and tried to get it up and running last evening. I hooked it up (Cat5 Network, HDMI transferred from my current Vero 4k (non-plus), and power). It was connected to a Samsung 650 Plasma TV on the same port the older Vero 4k was and is currently connected on. The new Vero 4k+ booted up and I ran through the setup wizard. I noticed a few times that there seemed to be sparkles / snow artifacts on the display on certain screens (non-pure text). After completing the wizards and when presented with the main, default KODI/OSMC GUI, the display would periodically glitch out. As time progressed, the glitches became worse and eventually the display went out of sync with the TV and went black until the 4k+ was restarted. I attempted to switch the HDMI cable with the one included with the new 4K+ with no difference.

I next moved the 4k+ over to a PC monitor (HDMI) ASUS VH238 with eventually the same results. I switched to another HDMI cable that was connected from the PC to the ASUS monitor with the same results. Reading through the forums, I reinstalled the latest code (OSMC_TGT_vero3_20190424) via SD card and after the OS was reinstalled and the Wizard started, the video issues persist.

I have swapped back the original Vero 4k to its original cables and location and have not had any issues (on the older Vero 4K since.)

I intend to hook it back up this evening and will go through the diagnostic log upload process.


Thanks in advance for your help!

Sorry to hear this.

What do you mean by ‘glitch out’?

Depending on the occasion, a lot of “snow” or lines. I have attached Examples.
diag log link is:

Dry solder joint on HDMI connector.
Ping with a link to this thread and it will be replaced for you.

Sorry about this.


No big deal. Thanks for your help!

I just sent off the email to support.