Video Library Sharing on multiple OSMC Pi boxes

Hi all,

noob here asking how to configure library sharing under OSMC / Pi /Kodi for my multiple pi home setup. I’ve looked on forum and google and found nothing to help troubleshoot why it doesn’t work!

I’ve followed all the instructions as per the kodi mySql guide. In summary

  • Set up mySQL on my Windows 2008R2 Server / opened ports and created xmbc user
  • Created advancedsettings.xml to that library - in fact OSMC did this through the UI :grinning:

But that’s as far as I got as I can’t see the videoDB database created on mySQL.
My video libraries were already created in Kodi so i’m wondering do I need to remove folders and re-add for the database to get created?
Its also worth noting that I’m using SMB shares from the same server
e.g. \\[SERVER]\MEDIA\VIDEOS and wondering whether linking via IP would make the difference?

Really in need of some troubleshooting steps to help me work out where I’ve gone wrong.

Thanks again if you have any pointers to try.