Video Looks grainy / overly sharp all of sudden? Latest update?

Have been out of town the last month and haven’t applied the July update to my Vero 4k+ even though I have been back in town and watching content the last few days. Applied the update tonight and it seems like the image has become overly sharp and grainy / noisy and I can’t figure out if it was something that happened in that update or if my LG C2 Oled just updated or changed its settings spontaneously.

Is there anything in the 2023.07-1 update that might have triggered this?

Nothing should’ve changed in that area. Try watching something you’ve seen before and see if that’s OK

Thanks @sam_nazarko - it was showing up even in the OSMC UI where the thumbnails were very grainy and sharp. Strangely, the problem resolved itself overnight after powering everything off. I’ll need to check the update logs and notes on the LG C2 - perhaps it was the result of a WebOS update as those get applied pretty frequently and fairly stealthily.

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