Video not showing in osmc unless change deinterlace settings

hi guys when im trying to play a video its not showing on screen only a blank screen If I change deinterlace settings on/off/auto etc video will come on but as soon as I stop video and start another the same problem occurs any ideas many thanks

What device are you running OSMC on?
What device are you using to view the video on?
Any chance of some debug logs?
Have you run “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” through ssh?

using a brand new rpi 2 using a 42 inch lcd tv also tried mt computer screen and yes have run the updates thanks

Does it happen with all videos or just a certain one?

Can you provide the media info for one of them please.

it happens with all videos m8 just a blank screen then I have to change deinterlace settings to on/off/auto for the picture to reappear then when video finishes it does it again when starting a new video this doesn’t happen on the latest openelec img

All you have given me is “this happens, that happens, when watching video”

Please can you provide the debug logs from OSMC, and the media info for the video you are watching.

sorry m8 complete noob here how do I give you debug logs thanks?

Settings > System > Debugging > enable debug logging.

Play the video you are having trouble with.
carry out the steps you have mentioned to view the video.

Stop the video
Programs > OSMC Settings > Log Uploader > select the “Upload configs, xml and logs”
Select “Upload Logs Now”

Make a note of the URL you are given and post it here.