Video playback failure

After seeing a post this weekend about upgrading to OSMC I decided to give it a go. For a little background, my system is this:

I have a server on the network supplying network storage as well as hosting an SQL database.
On this network I have 3x raspberry PI B rev 2 boards (all 512MB ram, 1 with 2x USB, 2 with 4x USB to help distinguish).

The original B rev 2 sits in the living room and essentially acts as the “brains” - this is the one I have the video & music sources active, it is responsible for updating the SQL database that the other 2 share via a common advancedsettings.xml file.

I had a spare 8GB 40MB read/10MB write SD card so I decided to try upgrading. I have to say, this is how I feel right now: I regret wasting my time on it.

After going through the install procedure, in which I selected English as my language. within seconds it was displaying in Swedish or something of Nordic region. It took quite a while to figure that one out, as scrolling with the mouse (with its hideous giant triangle pointer) it doesn’t not scroll through all the menu options. I eventually discovered through keyboard use the additional settings and changed it to English. Again. Ok, got that sorted.

once done. I SSH’d into the PI & copied my advancedsettings.xml to /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

wooo hoooo - my videos are all there. But its not acting as “the brain” so I add the network share as a network point and add the 4 folders that seperate the info.

Now I have 2 copies of everything :frowning:
I decided to press ahead with that issue in existence anyway. Selecting a video for playback, I get a blank screen and sound. Excellent.

a bit of searching, I decided to omit the buffer settings etc. from my advancedsettings.xml and restart.

This got me a little further - I get one frame out of every 150 (assuming a 24fps video) so that’s one hell of a jumpy video.

I altered overclocking - back to black.

This is where I have left my forum reading and searching - Raspbmc worked “out of the box” and it works really well with some well documented, easy to follow tinkering. Time to swap the SD card back over I think and go back to my original setup. I’ll keep an eye on this project, but simply put I do not think anything below the Pi 2 is powerful enough for what is going on in the background when playing a video back. Alternatively, the setup guides require improvement to cover all the tweaks & settings that a user should follow to reach the “ideal setup” for the scenario or local or network playback across the different boards.

@metempirics If you could please provide a debug enabled log demonstrating the playback failure then we’ll see what could possibly be the problem. Are you reporting that this behavior persists for ALL files? Or just some particular files?

Wiki - OSMC

@ActionA thank you. I’ve reverted to the raspbmc SD card for the evening (kids having a sleepover) and busy tomorrow (I still have all the kids). might be 24-48 hours but I will get the logs up.

There was one file that attempted to play but not too well ultimately. prior to grabbing the logs, I’ll attempt to play each file type I have, the only thing that won’t be tested is BluRay (disc) or DVD (disc) playback.