Video playback freezes on RPi Zero W

I’ve been having random video freezing problem on my RPi Zero W I think since the beginning. It doesnt happen every day, but perhaps once a week. I have the RPi with latest osmc connected to a Samsung tv via hdmi.

I’ll relate to this previous thread as the symptoms sound quite similar as described there: the subtitles stop, then the sound mutes, then after few seconds the video freezes. Cant ssh in and the keyboard plugged into the pi does not do anything either. Btw, I always play web streams, dont have any local mounts, hdds, nfs, USBs, etc…

I’ve monitored what happened after the freeze this time, and after about two hours the video stoped (video exited going back to the stream select menu) and a message appeared “Pulse-Eight CEC adapter Connection lost”. Then after some time (half an hour-ish) all the clicks I did (and I do sometimes quite a few both via remote and keyboard) got executed (e.g., I pressed the back button 10 times, it went back 10 times). And after the execution of the queued up clicks I have a fully functional osmc again. Unlike this time, I usually leave it overnight, and in the morning the result is the same, fully functional osmc at the stream select menu (meaning it did not restart). The logs form this occurrence are here

EDIT: Just to provide the timeline: The freeze happened just before midnight on Nov 11. I restarted my wifi router at 1:53 Nov 12. The queued up clicks executed around 2:15ish Nov 12.

First thing will be to get rid of the banned repository.

[11820.897302] INFO: task jbd2/mmcblk0p2-:115 blocked for more than 120 seconds.

This looks suspicious. Possibly a failing/corrupt SD card. Also, if you have overclocked go back to the standard clock speed.