Video playback not working on Vero4K+ with August release

OK, so I’ve:

  • Backed up my settings

  • Reinstalled the OS on the Vero, which took a while since it wasn’t obvious that I couldn’t use the Mac OS installer on the latest Mac OS (might be good to mention that on the downloads page?)

  • Reinstated my settings, which took a while as the latest version doesn’t include an SMB folder (I ended up FTPing my backup across from my laptop)

  • Attempted to rebuild the database with the instructions which fzinken provided earlier

… and I’m seeing the same issue - here’s another log

Seems a lookup issue. Generally it is better to use IP Addresses. But for testing maybe just do a host entry to test.

2021-08-08 14:48:04.740 T:3087    ERROR <general>: Unable to lookup host: 'modusapp'

Thanks - I’ve added a hosts entry and I’m no longer getting that lookup issue - the SQLite error persists though i.e. when playing a file from “Movies” …

SQL: [MyVideos119.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such column: allAudio)
Query: SELECT allAudio FROM path WHERE allAudio IS NOT NULL AND instr('smb://modusapp/Multimedia/Videos/Movies/Roadrunner …

or from “Videos → Files”

SQL: [MyVideos119.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such column: path.allAudio)

Is there any way to update my DB table definitions to the latest version (i.e. including allAudio) please?

Hi @fzinken I’m wondering if I do the following it’s likely to address the DB issue I’m seeing please?

  • Export the library to separate files (including the advancedSetting tags for Watched, PlayCount & ResumePoints detailed at Import-export library/Video - Official Kodi Wiki)
  • Delete my current Video sources
  • Create new sources using IP address
  • Import the library from the exported .nfo files

Could work but I don’t see the step where you delete the database, while I still don’t understand why it is not doing it correctly.
I just checked my database and yes the new MyVideos119 has in the table path a column allAudio

In case anyone else comes across the same problem … I’ve followed the steps I listed above with one change - Instead of deleting the video sources all old video DB files to a sub directory. I then rescanned the sources which imported my backed up videos

Playback is now working again :slight_smile: