Video playback randomly stopping after update to OSMC 2018-06.1

Hello all,

I recently updated to OSMC 2018-06.1 and now everytime I try to play a video be it on my computer or a NAS drive, playback stops at random intervals.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


The kodi 18 builds are alpha and likely to unstable, I would try updating to latest nightly build and see if that has fixed the issue or backup your settings and reinstall the latest stable osmc with kodi 17.

Thanks Tom.

Sorry I made a mistake in my first comment that I’ll edit.

I am running OSMC 2018-06.1 (that runs on KODI 17.6)

Don’t use upnp. It’s been notoriously flakey for years in Kodi. Don’t use hostnames in your sources. Use IP addresses to devices that have a static IP set within your network. Use of hostnames has also been less than stellar in regards to Kodi.

Implement these changes and retest. If the issue persists, provide fresh set of logs.

I only use upnp for emergencies and I haven’t used that in a while. I can only chance my NAS drive hostname as everything else is using SMB and cannot use an ip address apparently :man_shrugging:

The weird thing is, that seemed to do the trick. The only thing I find annoying is everything on the NAS drive has to resync. Hopefully It’ll keep the seen/unseen tags.

Hu? What did the trick? Removing upnp? Switching to IP?

Oh so sorry. changing the Network hard drives name to the IP address. I didn’t even need to do anything with upnp.

Thanks for the help on this :smiley: