Video playback stopping

I have a problem with my Vero 4K+ running the latest version of OSMC (2019-06-23)

Whilst playing a movie the video stops itself and returns to the main menu. I can replicate this issue on demand by resuming the movie and also the defect persists on reboot.

I have only the remote-control dongle connected to the device. I do not recall this issue with previous versions of OSMC.

I have done a fresh install of version (2019-06-23) and the problem still persists.

I have proven it is not a LAN issue as my NUC running latest version of LibreElec does not have same problem.

Please see link to diagnostic log below:

The problem occurs with various movies however please see link for media info of movie in logs:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Do you get the same is issue with kernel mounts?

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

I’ve mounted using autofs and the problem persists.

I’ve also rolled back to the May release of OSMC (2019-05-22) and I have the same problem.

I’d suspect that you have some network issues. Try upgrading again, and post new logs.

Also, have you tested your connection? Try testing with iperf3.

One other thing to try, can you put one of the problem movies on a USB stick and try playing it locally?

Upgraded and problem persists.

I have carried out a LAN speed test and confirmed network to Vero is Gigabit ethernet.

I have two Kodi clients, the Vero and a NUC. The NUC works fine so I swapped the Vero and the NUC over. Using the same ethernet cable that was in the NUC the Vero has the same problem of stopping playback.
The NUC works fine when using the ethernet cable that was in the Vero.

All permissions for the shared folder on the NAS are set correctly, I have proven Read / Write to the NAS from Vero by playing a movie and by also saving a screenshot to the NAS.

I put the same movie on a USB stick on the Vero and it works fine.

It would be helpful to see the output of iperf3, run both directions. (With and without the -R option)

And new logs like I asked for could also help.

Thanks for the advice!

I’ll post new logs after another fresh install upgrade.

There is nothing wrong with my network as I’ve proven with the NUC and I’ve now used a Raspberry pi2 using the same ethernet cable the Vero uses and it does not have this problem.

When I say nothing wrong with my network, I mean my router and the ethernet cables to and from router. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that my QNAP NAS may be playing up? I’m going to test with my old WD NAS and see if I get the same issue.

I’ve tried my other NAS and everything is working fine so it seems there is a problem with the QNAP. I have checked all permsissions and everything is as it should be with reference to the QNAP manual and forums. I’m going to carry out a factory default reset and see if that sorts the problem.