Video player crashes randomly

Many times while playing a video, and shortly after, the Vero itself freezes - I can’t even connect to it via ssh. This doesn’t happen often enough that I could have debugging turned when it happens; I could leave debugging turned on, but watching everything I play wouldn’t be very much fun.

Since I don’t have debugging turned on when this happens, I don’t know if uploading any logs would help. But I always see this in the (old) kodi log:

2024-03-19 13:44:18.811 T:7732 error : AMLInsecureVideoCodec::addData: packet too big: 251559, probably corrupted
2024-03-19 13:44:28.812 T:7732 error : Skipped 7384 duplicate messages.

This is repeated many times before the end of the log. I am thinking that memory in the Vero might be damaged. I did have many problems getting osmc initially installed when I first got the Vero V.

I can upload the current log files, if that was something that might help (although, debugging would not be turned on). But I hope that just the snippet that I showed above might be useful enough.

Any help would be appreciated.


You can enable debug logging without the overlay by adding it to an advancedsettings.xml file…

That packet too big message would not be related to your crash. I’d suggest to just upload a log set and give us the link so we could see if we could spot anything that may be telling. If not then you could dig farther in with trying to capture the crash. If you happen to have another compatible power supply and/or a different outlet you could plug your Vero into that may be something to try as well.

Let’s see some full logs as @darwindesign suggests