Video shuttering and buffering on some live tv channels

Hi I am new to the forum and this is my fist post, I recently installed osmc on a raspberry PI 3 and am very pleased with the performance. I am however having a strange issue that I have been unable to resolve. I live in Columbus Ohio and am using the server wmc plug in for KODI. I have a HD Homerun configured in Media Center on Windows 7. Live TV and recordings on my media center run fine. I only have channels 4.1, 6.1, 10.1, 28.1 and 34.1 configured. Whenever I play channel 6.1 or 28.1 live or recorded it plays fine. If I attempt to play any other channel recording or live it is choppy and buffers constantl. I noticed if I press the o key on a choppy channel or recording the last line on the screen that displays sync errors constantly jumps up to 10,000% errors and then drops back to 0% over and over again, Whn it drops back to 0 it buffers and then repeats itself. On channel 6.1 or 28.1 there are no errors. I have included a log file, in the file I tune to channel 4.1 at 17:04:15 and you can clearly see errors such as “CDVDPlayer::HandlePlaySpeed - audio stream stalled, triggering re-sync” I then tune to channel 6.1 at 17:05:17 and do not see the error after that.

Any help is (265.4 KB)

Zipped logs will not be downloaded or opened. Please use and provide the resultant url to provide us with logs. Thanks.

Thanks ActionA, here is the URL

I don’t use live tv but I think you should be able to communicate with the HDHomerun directly and have no need to complicate things with the WMC server. Using the search feature of the forum here should provide relevant results. If this doesn’t provide a resolution, you may want to try a v17 Krypton beta build to see if things have improved in the upcoming version.

I still use some xbox 360’s as front ends on the same system and a full pc for the main tv. I need to keep the current set up however I was hoping to use the PI3 as an additional front end. I just ordered a hardware mpeg2 license to see if that helps any. Can you point me to information on installing the beta builds?

The current setup should not be changed at all by simply allowing the Pi to communicate with the HDHomerun device directly.

Ran the upgrade to Krypton and now I get the blue frown face of death, guess I am reloading now.

Just mv your .kodi directory away. It should start then. Then you can start configuring a little at a time until you find what is causing Kodi to crash. Logs could also give a clue.

I already reloaded, was there any usable information in the logs about my original problem? I like the MCE back end config and and would like to use KODI for a front end on that service. I could point kodi to the HD Home run directly however I would loose a lot of the functionality I am using. I would like to figure out the original issue if possible. What is the cause of the “CDVDPlayer::HandlePlaySpeed - audio stream stalled, triggering re-sync” error anyway? Why for only some channels and not others?

So is the problem resolved? No one wants to waste time debugging a now, non-existent error…

After I reloaded I had the same issue, I then upgraded again following the link you sent and this time the upgrade was successful. After upgrade to Krypton successfully my problem has gone away. Now to my next problem, my original setup was a dual boot with retro pi following the link below, that is the version that would not upgrade to Krypton. In order to get to a dual boot setup running Krypton would it be as easy as coping the working .kodi folder structure and then reloading my dual boot after that copying the good .kodi folder over the new install? If not what is the best way to get a dual boot setup running Krypton and retro PI?

No real need to dualboot: