Video Startup and Playback Problems > Try this Tweak!

As an Old Time user of the ATV1 and Kodi, this tweak results in near instantaneous video startup and playback with OE on my SSD equipper ATV1:

Kodi Settings > System > Video > Render Method > Advanced Shaders (GLSL)

Video Cache Settings in .kodi/userdata/

<advancedsettings> <network> <buffermode>2</buffermode> <cachemembuffersize>0</cachemembuffersize> <readbufferfactor>20</readbufferfactor> </network> </advancedsettings>

This is the best startup response and video playback I have ever ever seen and will breathe a lot of new life into Kodi on the ATV1 :wink:

I’m not impressed easily these days, but this little Gem of a Advanced Shaders Tweak from a guy called VonMagnum really works very well indeed !


Any reason you are not using OSMC on the ATV1?

You may find this unnecessary in OSMC, but it would still be interesting if other users tested. This can be made default for OSMC if it does indeed improve performance.


Like others being patient and waiting for the Final HDD Install and the I will pull the trigger on my other ATV1.

In the mean time I will be interested like you to see if OSMC on the ATV1 benefits from this very same Tweak !

Hi Jamie

The installer was completed a couple of days ago, we are just changing some things in My OSMC, then we will finalise all December update images (including HDD install for aTV1).

I will optimise performance for HDD installations for the January update on AppleTV. I would also recommend trying out one of my Jarvis builds which should run well.


any updates on if this works on osmc?

ill try this out on my next atv when it gets here!!

Don’t purchase more ATV1s, it’s dead hardware.

Yes, this option should be selectable in OSMC.

it maybe dead hardware, but i love using these with oe, and i had 2 but jacked one up, so i replaced it with a 160 gb version for $45… not bad especially since it works well for me…

yes id like to upgrade to something that has a gigabit internet interface eventually, but for the cost, its worth it to me…at this moment anyways

Thank you so much. Huge difference…

This is already the default setting in newer versions of OSMC

I have the november update installed, but it did make a difference. Should I do a clean install again?

What did you change, the advancedsettings or the shader method? I changed the render method before Jarvis was released.

Both. I fixed the shader method and created the advancedsettings.xml file exactly as above

The render method will always be GLSL. It should always be forced to GLSL. Even if you adjust it, it won’t really change the render method:

It makes more sense to change one thing at a time and report back what really improved things.

I also have some remaining troubles whenever my network acts up the audio falls off and I need to pause and resume to recover

You should resolve the network issues first.