Video stopping and blocking device

I am downloading TV videos from the Internet, trimming them with LosslessCut and storing them on a HD.
Playing on a Raspery3+ with OSMC (many versions) it happens that the video stopps suddenly, blocking the Raspi in a way that I have to unplug it to get access again.
I am using OSMC and LossLessCut since many years. The effect began about an year ago.
I tried older versions, bought a Raspi4 and all versions of OSMC with the same effect.
The videos run ok with QuicktimePlayer or VLC on the mac.
Any idea?
Mac Os Ventura, MacBookPro M1, Gigabit-Ethernet

Hard to tell without MediaInfo output, but perhaps you are encoding it in a way that is not compatible.

I was curious what this software was so I spent a few minutes reading up on it. My takeaway was that the dev doesn’t expect perfect results. It seemed rather clear to me that results were variable depending on the specifics of the input file, how exactly you had configured your cut and with what options as well as the output container. Their suggestion was to basically try different things till you found a working result.

I don’t know about quicktime but I have seen VLC play some very messed up files that I couldn’t play with any other player I’d tried. This was a reflection on the state of the file and an impressive result from VLC, but nonetheless still a damaged file that was out of spec enough that most players couldn’t handle it. You may find that disabling hardware acceleration in Kodi’s settings gives more forgiving results, but this is going to come with lower limits to the resolution and complexity of files that the RPi is able to process with just the CPU.

thanks, I will give VLC another try.

Perhaps I could have been more clear. What I was trying to say was VLC tends to be very forgiving with files that are damaged or not encoded well and therefore should not be used as a method to determine if a file is good. The program your using to do the lossless edits with has some configuration options on how it processes and exports the files. I was saying that you should try to tweak how your making those files to see if you can find a process that gives you files that play correctly in Kodi.

In case you were not aware you could also make edl files (edit decision list) that are just simple text files that would tell Kodi which parts of the file to skip over which would allow you to avoid editing the file in the first place.

very interesting, I will try these aspects