Video stream from local HDD failing on Rpi4

Hi, can anyone help with this failed stream? (excerpt of kodi.log and system journal here:

Please note the path is an HDD connected to a USB3 port, even if the mount path starts with /mnt/nfs/…
The HDD looks OK and the file plays with no issue on another regular device like my laptop.
Any other info that would help investigation, just let me know.

Many thanks

Copy the file onto the SD Card and see if it plays?
Provide Mediainfo of the file!
Enable Debug logs!
Include APT logs!

Hi fzinken, Thank you. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am now unable to reproduce the issue, that had occurred twice previously. I’ll get back in touch with full logs if it happens again.

Hey, Found a way to reproduce the issue.

Here are the full logs with debug log enabled.

Here is the mediainfo output for the target file.

Yes, it plays OK from the SD card. It even seems to play OK from the HDD, as long as it has been accessed recently. Hence, it takes a bit of patience to reproduce the issue.

This is why the uploaded logs start at 19:54 CET but the issue was only produced at 21:35 CET → 21:41 CET.

Thank you.

That HDD is 100% full have you tried to free some space and maybe remove and recopy the file afterwards?

The HDD is close to 100% full indeed. 118 MB available still, out of 3.7 TB. I suspect however, this is not linked to this copy of the file. Let me try and confirm this: I’ll try and produce the issue with another file and let you know.

$ df -h | grep -P “sda4|Avail”
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda4 3.7T 3.7T 118M 100% /mnt/nfs/sdb4

Back in the day hard drives pretty much wrote blocks of data and it just stayed like that until you deleted something or ran some type of disk defragmentation. Nowadays drives, both solid state and mechanical, tend to movie data around on their own for a number of reasons. The impact of this, both in performance and in respect to drive wear, are severely impacted when you let a drive get that full as it has to do a bunch of small reads and writes to shift stuff when a larger block of space is not available. It really is something to be avoided.