Video streaming not working smoothly


I have a somewhat specific setup, with the main purpose to replace the DVB cable to the TV by means of a WiFi connection.

It includes a Raspberry 3 and the Vero 4K. Raspi is running TVHeadend together with the OSMC DVB-Stick and “hostapd” on Raspbian, the Vero 4K is connected to the TV with TVH client installed. In addition, Raspi uses a high-speed SD card (SanDisk 32GB Extreme).

While in general the setup works well, here and there artifacts and short picture freezes can be noticed during playback. My suspicion is at least, that this might at least partly be caused by drops / errors of the WiFi link, even though it indicates a very good connection quality.

Any suggestions on how I can further nail down or even solve the problem? Alternatively, I was thinking about some kind of TCP buffer(s) for the HTSP stream, but don’t yet have an idea on how this might be implemented.


Are you sure that is not the Antenna? Are TVH recordings playing fine?

Ah - this I didn’t expect at all, but even the recorded TS-file has these artefacts after copying it to the PC and watching it with VLC. Is this a known problem? From looking at the channel status at least I can’t see any issues.

This would indicate weak antenna signal, not a problem with OSMC or Kodi.

What do you mean exactly? According to the screenshot signal strength is 77% (green) with a SNR of 34dB. Hence I consider this to be a good signal.

Furthermore, what difference would it make if I run TVH either on plain Raspbian as compared to OSMC?

The version of TVH you use shouldn’t impact the signal.
Have you tried recording as MKV to see if this resolves the issue?

How can I change the recording format in TVH? Even further, should this not just affect the normal recording, while I’m mostly interested to get streaming working?

If Live TV is also affected and not just streaming, I’d suspect a signal issue.