Video Stuttering on start

I’m having trouble with videos stuttering on starting for about 1 minute.

I have a raspberrypi 2. Done all the updates so on latest version. Using nfs shares from a synology NAS attached via ethernet cable.

Done a bit of googling for the issue, but most seem to be people having worse stuttering issues than me.

I have bad stuttering issues with h265/HEVC codec video.

Something else you can look at is Settings > Video > Acceleration. See if you have the same problem with those turned off or on.

The Raspberry Pi cannot hardware decode H.265/HEVC so it will be trying to decode it purely in software on the CPU.

A Pi 1 has no hope of doing this but even a Pi 2 is going to really struggle, depending on the resolution and bitrate - it might be OK for lower bitrate 720p content but a full 1080p file at a high bitrate is simply a no go.

You haven’t even said what kind of video you are trying to play ? We would need to see a mediainfo log of the files you are having problems with.

Also try copying the file to the SD card and playing it from there - if it plays OK it’s probably a network speed issue, if it still doesn’t play it’s probably either a file that the Pi can’t play or (depending on what format the video is) you need a codec license that you don’t have to allow hardware decoding. (Eg either VC-1 or MPEG2)

I am testing with an mkv file. Here’s the file details.

Video Resolution 720p
Duration 46:40
Bitrate 3118 kbps
Width 1280
Height 720
Aspect Ratio 1.78
Container MKV
Video Frame Rate PAL
Duration 46:40
File Grand.Designs.S14E01.North.Wales.The.Clifftop.House.mkv
Size 1.02 GB
Container MKV
Codec H264
Bitrate 3118 kbps
Bit Depth 8
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Color Space yuv
Duration 46:40
Frame Rate 25.000 fps
Frame Rate Mode cfr

I don’t think it’s network related as playing the same file through my Windows 7 PC using VLC player works fine. Also, using a plex app on a Samsung TV streaming over wifi from the NAS doesn’t have any stuttering issues.

Can you check/verify the real active framerate of the TV while playback? Some TVs tell you when using the ‘info’ button.

Does it make a difference if you set the refresh rate of the OSMC desktop to 50 fps in Settings->System->Video Output before starting the playback?

(Well here seems to be another issue since on my Raspberry Pi2 I cannot set “1920x1080p with 50 fps” since whatever I do it either sets back the resolution to DESKTOP or the frame rate to back to 60 fps)

So you’re not going to even try playing it from the SD card as I suggested ?

Rule number one when troubleshooting a problem like this by a process of elimination is to eliminate variables. One of the major variables with a stuttering/buffering problem is the network performance between the two devices, so you need to eliminate the network connection as a possible cause. Whether or not your other devices on the network can play without stuttering is kind of irrelevant.

Test playing a sample file that exhibits the problem directly from the SD card first and we will go from there. Depending on the result of that test there are two completely different directions the troubleshooting will lead.

Apologies for not trying your suggestion. I was at work when replying and didn’t have access to my system to test.

I have now copied the same file to the SD card and the same problem occurs. Stuttering video for the first 10 seconds.

I have changed the refresh rate to 50 fps. It was at 59.94.

Unfortunately my TV doesn’t have an info button for showing the framerate. The kodi info when the video plays shows 25.000.

Do you have “adjust refresh rate to match video” enabled in Video->Playback ? This is off by defalt but it’s best to have it on so that Kodi can switch the TV’s refresh rate automatically to match the fps of the video.

Another thing to try is try enabling OMXplayer in Video->Acceleration.

I’ve changed the refresh rate to match video setting. The OMXplayer was already enabled.

I also noticed that if I fast forward a video, the stuttering starts after pressing play.