Video tearing on Pi3

Hi, this is a problem that is not predictable so I’m unable to provide logs. Since updating to Pi3, I’m getting frequent video tearing (rips accross the screen) and some ghosting and pixillating for a couple of seconds at a time. This happens mostly but not exclusively with live TV. I know this description is short on specifics but wonder if there is any genaral advice, on config settings for instance, that might help. I had no such problems with Osmc on Pi2.
Thanks again for all your great work on Osmc.

Never heard of this issue.
I think you will need to find some way of reproducing the issue with a sample file, or at least capture the behaviour (e.g. a recording from camera phone) for us to get anywhere with this.

It may be interesting to try with omxplayer enabled/disabled (in video/acceleration settings).

This may be caused by a low SNR if you’re using TVHeadend. Have seen similar things with DVB-T and weak signal a few years ago.