Video Versions

It probably makes me the world’s saddest little sausage, but I’m extremely excited for the Video Versions library functionality promised for KODI 21.

See here

Are we there yet! Are we there yet! Are we… :wink:

OSMC doesn’t typically move to a new major version till a .1 release is out

There have been a lot of reports of issues with this feature, it might get dropped.

Oh man. Hope not as it’s the only thing it doesn’t do today that I really really want. What are the developers wasting their time on when they could be delivering this!? :rofl:

PS. Joking. Only joking.

I’ve been working in support for it in the omega version of the Mimic skin.
its very much a moving target at the moment to skin for.

The “pick the version to play” part seems to work well (functionally quite similar to collections), with the exception of the limited repertoire of “version types” No 3D version options for example, just a fixed list of things like “theartical version”, “directors cut” and so on, and no current way to set your own “type”

At the moment, the management functionality seems rather broken. You can “add” a version type, but can’t “manage” it afterwards. (kodi does not appear to be returning the expected lists back to the management dialog) (noting the “plan” for the feature is to have both movie versions, and extras)

I’m not sure how far out it will be before Omega gets finalized and release candidates start appearing.

You can add video versions types easily and reuse them at will once created.

Extras work as well. Don’t know what you’ve been testing, maybe you are confusing skin supporting functionalities with the functionalities themselves.

Part of the challenges are impacts to the various Kodi sharing solutions, related to the video database changes. There are also some other issues being worked through. The new Kodi Movie Version feature is going to be most attractive to stand-alone Kodi or MySQL users.

For the other sharing solutions most, if not all, already have this versioning functionality and share the metadata across Kodi and non-Kodi clients. Right now there are some threads going on to get the various sharing solutions working again with Kodi 21 Omega beta 3. Longer term mapping from the sharing solution version feature approach to the Kodi movie version feature is still unknown. It is unlikely to be a trivial exercise and likely to vary across Kodi sharing solutions.

I published a new Mezzmo Kodi addon release yesterday which supports Kodi 21 beta 3 and I see that Jellyfin has an interim workaround. I think some Plex users are working on this but I can’t speak for the others. It will take a bit to sort out since we are all reverse engineering the video database changes with beta 3 and figure out how best to support.



I presume versions functionality made it to the final v21 release then? Excellent. I’m hoping this will really help me tidy my library up as I’ve got loads of versions.

I will have Kodi v21 test builds out within a few days on the forums.

" Note: NFO file support is an incomplete feature in v21. Plans are to complete the feature in v22."

As you were… :roll_eyes:

Video versions works, you just need to set them up manually. (and there are some bugs around that if you use profiles, which I think just had the fixes merged in to the nightly branch). Plus, the feature requires skin modifications to work (don’t know where the osmc skin sits in that regard, otherwise only a couple skins have made it into the Omega repo at this point, So I’d suggest patience. Don’t rush Sam and Team on this one.