Video with variable framerate and "adjust refresh rate"

I have some video that’s ripped from DVD which apparently has 23.976 at first and then switches to 30 fps after a few minutes. No idea what they were thinking… maybe the intro sequence is at a different frame rate? Anyway, my usual setting to adjust refresh rate on start/stop results in it switching refresh rates mid-program which is somewhat jarring since it takes the TV a couple seconds to adjust.

This doesn’t seem really like an OSMC or Vero 4K problem; they are acting as designed, but the experience is less than ideal. Other than re-encoding is there any obvious way to avoid this? Could there be some option to just not change refresh rates if it switches once something’s already started playing? I imagine “Sync Playback to Display” would avoid this, but I don’t really want to do that for a single TV show.

This is a minor problem, so not worth worrying too much about. I’m just wondering if this has come up before and what (if anything) most people do to mitigate.

You could use the Refresh Rate Start/End option, but that may not work well either. If it’s not to many videos, re-encoding is probably your best bet. I agree, it’s odd that they’d switch refresh rate mid-stream.

That’ll do the trick.
If you don’t use passthrough – I do not anticipate a problem and it can be kept on.

Other solution is to turn off Adjust Refresh Rate. The video won’t be as smooth, but you may not notice. It depends on your eyes.

What DVD are you watching?


This is one of “Stargate: SG-1” TV series DVDs. I can just re-encode them if I decide I care enough… which is probably not. I don’t want to switch my default settings to “Sync Playback to Display” and disable refresh rate adjustment, because this is literally the only thing in my entire collection that I’ve come across so far where this happens, though. I can take the hit here.