Video wont play. Will fast forward

I am new to OSMC and Raspberry pi. I am trying to play movies however some of them will not play. The screen stays black after they are selected. If I fast forward or rewind, the video plays. If I hit play to play at normal speed, the movie stops and the screen stays black. Any idea what would cause this?

Did you look at the log? The log will tell you exactly what the issue is. If you can’t look at your own logs, you have no business running an Alpha build.

Here is my log. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. As I said, I am new to this, however, I had the same problem with raspbmc.

Do you have the raspberry licence for mpeg-2?

No I haven’t. They are all H.264. I have found that some work fine while others don’t. My original post was also slightly incorrect. The screen starts black. After when fast forwarding the video shows. Once play is pressed again the video stops and shows the last frame before hitting play.

I found this warning as I was going through the log. I haven’t had time to research it to see what the cause is or if this is what is causing my problem.

02:38:29 T:3024097280 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED

A full debug log that includes the issue as well as startup of Kodi could be more informative here. Increasing gpu_mem_512=128 (maybe to 192?) in /boot/config.txt could be what is needed.

A sample of that video will help

Got it working. Not exactly sure what it was yet. I went through resetting the defaults and when I reset the audio the movie popped up and started playing. I went through and put the settings back how I had them one by one and everything is working fine. I must have changed another setting and not realized it or something.

I’ve had this issue today, it was the audio pass-trough.