Video works from opening directory on Kodi, not OSMC

External hard disk has sub directories with Video names, each directory contains sub directory of Video_TS, which then contains files with type BUP, IFO, VOB.

When using KODI before OSMC the video would open as soon as I opened the directory with the movie name.

With OSMC I am presented with the directory structure and then I go down to the lowest directory and look for the VOB files, example VTS_4_1.VOB, which I click on to run the film.

This is easy, but irritating for me, but impossible for my wife.

So I am an Old person, but a Newbie for the Raspberry Pi and OSMC, so apologies if it is obvious.

Any help would be appreciated.

In system settings / video / file lists make sure “combine split video items” is enabled.



Thank you so much, it is appreciated.

So much easier to use now.