Videos drop sound or go to black screen (OMX/MMAL accel issue)

hi Guys!

Maybe it is unrelated, but i have a somewhat similar issue.

My movies (only the picture) is freezing usually and there is audio if OMXplayer acceleration is OFF. If i turn that on, then i’m losing the audio on my mkv (probably DTS) files.
I’m not using any passthrough, the 8-bit dts hd… is enabled, etc… basically i’m just using default values in the Audio section.

More details (log and debug files are here), hope it helps narrowing down the issue: Freezing Video after July update - #9 by a1840317

This has started to happen only with the 2015.07-1 (latest) update.

Try disabling “Support 8 channel DTS HD audio decoding”.

@popcornmix nobody reported this possible issue with this setting in others distros while alpha/beta ?


Tried, and i can confirm it started to work (while both acceleration for omxplayer and the other remained enabled, passthrough remained disabled, so this was the only change I made)

This option has been in Milhouse (openelec) builds for a few months with no bug reports (and it works for me there).
I’m also not seeing a problem in my locally built debug builds of kodi Isengard which makes it harder to diagnose.

@popcornmix did you see my post with logs + the video from the link you gave me?
that video/audio plays ok for you?
there’s nothing in that log that help debug it?
I can increase log level to 2 if you need.


lot’s of errors in my log:

18:37:44 85657.234375 T:1388311584 ERROR: Unsupported audio codec
18:39:56 85789.523438 T:1327490080 DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError - average error -5834.108709 below threshold of 50000.000000
18:39:57 85790.523438 T:1327490080 DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:1058544.061448, should be:1047644.678812, error:-10899.382636
18:40:06 85799.500000 T:1335878688 ERROR: CMMALRenderer::GetImage - mmal_queue_get failed
18:40:32 85826.187500 T:1363145760 DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError - average error -12962.952917 below threshold of 50000.000000
18:40:32 85826.187500 T:1363145760 DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:103418.595114, should be:84143.820197, error:-19274.774917
18:40:34 85827.234375 T:1363145760 DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError - average error -19848.951807 below threshold of 50000.000000
18:40:34 85827.234375 T:1363145760 DEBUG: CDVDClock::Discontinuity - CDVDPlayerAudio::HandleSyncError2 - was:218310.318197, should be:198464.855390, error:-19845.462807

Looks like @popcornmix has been able to fix the issue with MMAL and Sync playback to display and some other reported issues via an update.

Issues fixed here as well.