Videos repeat in loop - how do I stop this?

Perhaps I accidentally set something to restart any video I play after it has completed. If this is the case, I cannot figure out how to unset it. Is there a place where someone goes to have videos continually play so I can turn this off? I looked at all of the Settings I could find

I think you somehow turned on repeat for video playlists (even a single show technically goes into a play list of one item). Assuming you’re using the default OSMC skin, try this:

1- got to TV Shows
2- once there use the left arrow twice to open the side menu (at least it was twice for me, it might be that one left arrow works for you)
4- once there use the left arrow once to open the side menu
5- go down to eat REPEAT item and click it until it says REPEAT: OFF

If it’s not that, I’m not sure what happened.

Thanks, Kyle – that worked. I would have never found this without your help.

The OSD doesn’t reflect this? We have a repeat button in the video OSD that should show when repeat all is set…