Vietnam TV video addon: slow connection

Hi everyone,

Anyone experienced extreme slowness int the video display while trying to watch vietnamese channels with the TV Vietnam video addon ?
Symptoms : once I choose a channel, it is loading at least for 30 seconds before launching the broadcasting, then it buffers every 10 seconds.
Not too sure if it is related to my network or the quality of the broadcasting from Vietnam.
I will provide a log later tonight.


Would be best if you could try it from another Kodi install (e.g. Your PC) to exclude your network or internet connection as a source. I doubt that OSMC would be the problem.

Same to me.

Im using Tv Viet nam v0,9.9 and it’s buffering every 25-20 seconds. I hve a very good connection so there’s not a problem with that,

It seems to be some kind of issue with the server. I hope it can be solved soon. 2 weeks ago it worked fine.

Well as mentioned above I doubt any relation to OSMC. Try to use the service from another Kodi installation to see if the problem exists there.