View Video Files on an SD Card?


How would I use OSMC to view video files stored on an SD card?

I want to install my RPi 2 in my car for 2 primary functions: 1) AirPlay audio to place music from my phone, and 2) SD card video playback to view video footage from my dash cam

I realize the SD card slot in the Pi is already taken up my the card for the OS, so I would need to connect a USB hub. I’m assuming that will be simple enough.

My main question is what kind of app or download do I need to install with OSCM so that I can navigate to the SD card director within OSMC to plat back the video files from my dash cam’s SD card?


If the dash cam records in a standard video format, you need nothing. Though many cams record in some proprietary format and require a “viewer” provided by the manufacturer to view the files. If this is how your cam behaves, good luck… Without a way to re-encode to something nicer than the proprietary format, Kodi can never play them.

Thanks for the reply. I guess my question is actually a lot more newbish.

What I want to know is how to actually navigate to the contents of an SD card in OSMC (an SD card attached via USB hub or USB card reader).

I’ve been playing around with OSMC for a while and can’t really make heads or tails of it as an operating system. I feel like it has the potential I need, but every time I power it up I get this feeling of “ok, now how do I actually do stuff…?”

System>file manager

MediaInfo will confirm if this user’s dash-cam is playable.

Re. playing back files. It depends where you save them. You can install an FTP server / Samba server and transfer stuff to /home/osmc. Then you can navigate to that directory in Kodi and play content from it.