Vimeo Add-On Question

I’ve asked this in the Kodi forum directly to the developer of the Vimeo Add-On but as of yet haven’t had a response.

My question is very simple.Is there anyway to get the Vimeo Add-On to automatically play the next video in the list?

When clicking on the contextual menu it has the option of ‘Play only this’ which would lead me to believe that it should play the next video automatically by default,however it doesn’t.It plays ‘only this’ whether that option is selected or not.

I would really just like to have Vimeo playing thorough my feed automatically but currently I have to click on each video individually which is turning into a a bit of a PITA!

I don’t know in Vimeo but maybe this is the trick:

Play next video automatically

Good looking out but I’ve tried this already.I think this function only works for OSMC’s own ‘Playlists’ unfortunatly.