Visualisation Blank (Black)

Hallo !

I used OSMC april 2019 update. When I play any music addon i want to safe energy on my TV and I don´t want to change screensaver before playing. Because during playing films i use digital clock screensaver as default.
Is it possible to added to OSMC any black (blank) music visualization?
I think in old version i was able to choose it.
I have RPI-3 B+.

Thank you very much.

check the screensaver section of kodi addons

Screen saver is OK

Just a heads-up, if you have a LCD TV, as strange as it may sound, a black picture can consume more energy than a brighter one.
If you have a OLED TV more brightness means more energy and if you still might have a plasma TV this topic totally doesn’t matter to you and you don’t want to know the power consumption of your TV :wink:

Thank you for education about consuptions diferrent types of TV. For me it doesn ´t matter consuption. My goal is not to be disturb with any screensaver during music playback. I want black screen.
Nothink more.