Vlan configuration on eth0 device : howto?


I’ve just booted into the OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150628 image and i’ve found the OSMC gui lan setup page.

On other raspberry pi’s running (a stripped down) raspbian I usually edit /etc/network/interfaces (as I was able to do with Raspbmc); connman seems to be handling network connectivity in OSMC though.

I’ve found


but I was not able to find information regarding tagged vlan setups… (lmgtfy references are welcome ofc).

Could somebody please help me out and explain how I configure a tagged vlan interface using connman (or if somebody found out how to re-enable debian’s default network setup handing and is willing to share: that would be very much appreciated as well :slight_smile: ).

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I’m ignorant about tagged VLANs, but found an odd reference which might help - here, or possibly this one

I could be wrong, but I doubt that connman supports tagged vlans - it’s a bit outside the scope of a network manager that is designed for small embedded systems, typically mobile phones and tablets.

Replacing connman with another network manager in OSMC would be difficult if not impossible due both to APT package dependencies and because connman is so tightly integrated in OSMC - for example the entire networking GUI is written around it, and a number of services and scripts also rely on it.

So you might be out of luck with tagged vlan support, but you have to admit that is a fairly obscure use case for a mediacenter system :slight_smile:

@dandnsmith : thank you for your references; they are very informative; nice to see the connman manager evolve into something useable (for my purposes).

@DBMandrake : I do not agree on your labeling of vlan support as obscure. It might have been obscure a few years ago, but even my internet provides different vlans nowadays (voip,telephony,ip)…

I have a handful of raspberry pi’s running at home; it would have been nice to use the same configuration files (networking,fstabs,etc), it was one thing i really liked about raspbmc.

Anyway: ill hussle things around network-wise and will learn to deal with this changed behaviour. Thank you for your replies; keep up the good work OSMC (but don’t deviate from debian any further plz :wink: )!

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Not sure what you mean by changed behaviour - we have never advertised support for Vlans in Raspbmc or OSMC.

Sorry but vlans are definitely an obscure feature for a device that is designed to be a mediacenter on a typical residential home network. I don’t recall ever seeing the issue of vlans being raised on the Raspbmc or OSMC forums.

OSMC is not something that is designed for use on a corporate network (we also don’t support 802.11x wifi authentication) and whist your ISP might use vlans on your upstream connection to segregate traffic I doubt that they pass the vlans through to the normal client devices on your internal network.

Good luck trying to configure many typical residental devices such as an Xbox 360 to use tagged vlans. :wink:

Limited VLAN support is available in OSMC. ConnMan says that VLANs must be configured outside of it


@DBMandrake: well, in Raspbmc I could just fill the /etc/network/interfaces with “regular” debian config content, in OSMC this is no longer possible by default.

@DBMandrake: I’m sorry but I still do not agree with you on the “obscure” label. I think I am not the only one choosing OSMC for its ability to be customized that has vlan’s configured on their network.

@sam_nazarko : I read it as well, thank you for pointing that out.

Although running without VLAN’s setup on the box running it atm (shuffled some things around on my network to allow this), I again want to thank you for your swift replies, usefull references and class A project.

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