VNC encryption on Vero

I’m wondering if anyone could point me to a guide that explains how to set up the OSMC app store version of VNC Server on Vero with encryption if that’s possible? Have had a look around but couldn’t see anything.

I’ve managed to get it working on my 4K+ and V with VNC Viewer on my laptop but would prefer it if there was some kind of encryption in operation.

Also found this thread which explains how to change the default password and port. Does that apply to the app store version as well?

Many thanks.

You should NEVER ever use VNC outside of your LAN or without VPN or SSH tunnel. So as long as that is the case there is no need for encryption of the actual VNC traffic.

Understood, that is the case at the moment. However, if I did want to external access some day, is it possible to encrypt?


As I have written, NEVER to open Vero to outside other than VPN or SSH tunnel which would mean no need for VNC encryption

Password and Port are taken from /etc/dispmanx_vncserver.conf

Sorry, misread your original explanation. Understood (again).