VNC Server on OSMC - Fatal Error


I installed VNC server for rpi on OSMC, but I am getting a fatal error only sometimes when I connect to it via VNC viewer. This issue happens on random connections. I sometimes just have to reboot the pi a few times and the issue goes away. The problem is, I don’t know what this code means and if it is a simple tweak to fix it.

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What vnc client are you using?

Thanks Tom.

I am using VNC Viewer v. 6.18.625 for Windows.

This viewer works everytime on Rasp OS without issue.

The error in the screenshot only happens on occasions with OSMC OS. It is hit or miss Rebooting the OS will allow it to load properly, but it fails 1 out of every 3 tries.

Suggest to stop the service on OSMC and start the server manually from command line. Then you can see what happens on the server when you try to connect from the client

Why VNC?
Go onto the WebUI - almost the same. http://[VeroIP]:8080 (default port).

I am not following? How do I access the OS via the WebUI? The only WebUI I am aware o is the OSMC media browser on port 80.

If you want to access the OS to tinker then you can connect in via SSH.

With VNC, you access the GUI. How do you tinker on the OS through GUI? Except by shutting the mediaplayer app.
If you want to tinker with the OS, use SSH/Putty as @gmc alrfeady mentioned.

I wanted a GU interface because I don’t have a strong command of SSH.

How do I shut down the media player app on the webpage to bring the OS UI into view instead?

Thank you in advance.

There is no graphical OS UI in osmc. It’s been designed specifically for running Kodi.

Ok… I am just wondering what the RFB protocol error code meant, so I can understand what or if anything could be fixed to prevent it from coming up from time to time.


If you have quality set to auto, change it to one of the other options available.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks, I will try that.

I am also noticing that the OS screen is freezing quite often with the sad smiley emoticon on the screen. I can still FTP or SSH into the OS when this happens. However, VNC does not connect at all. I’m not sure what that’s all about.


Thats Kodi Crashing. Please provide debug logs it will help diagnose:

Thanks Tom.

HI : try

changing the settings in RealVNC Viewer to just “high” worked