Voice channel very low on new soundbar setup

I have a Vero 4K, and I recently changed my soundbar.
I got an LG SP8YA with all the latest Atmos, DTS:X, eARC, and so on. I also added the two extra rear speakers so to have an “almost” real surround sound.
I connected the Vero 4K to the HDMI IN port in the soundbar, and then connected the eARC output from the soundbar to the HDMI IN ARC on the LG B1 tv.

With this new setup, the voice is really low compared to the rest of the audio ouput.
This problem is not happening when I use the native apps such as Netflix, Prime and so on on the TV – so I guess it’s related to the Vero4K.
I went in the Audio Settings to check the settings, and as in the screenshots attached I put 7.1 channels (since I believe it’s the correct amount considering the Atmos capability of the soundbar?)
I also activated the passthrough option, and when I try to play some movies with DTS HD or Atmos they play indeed succesfully… but still with the low voice volume.

Am I doing something wrong somewhere?
First time for me with Atmos and not sure if this is related.
With my old Denon soundbar (no Atmos) I didn’t have this problem.

Any help is much appreciated!

Try turning Off Keep audio device alive.

thanks, I just tried but there is no change in the volume.
Do you have other suggestions?

The specs for your soundbar say channels 3.1.2. It’s not clear what they mean by that. They have other models that do ‘5.1.2’ and ‘7.1.4’. Maybe setting the Vero output to 7.1 isn’t the right choice.

They also have some clever way of coordinating the TV and soundbar sound. Again, not very clear but I wonder if there’s a mode where the centre channel (speech) comes through the TV and only the surround channels come through the sound bar and the TV isn’t pulling its weight.

What happens when you play stereo music? Is it super quiet?

I had the same issue.
Here’s my solution: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/no-vocals-when-using-surround/91940/10