Volume Control not controlling TV after update

Hello there,

I just updated to the latest 2020 11-1 on my Vero 4K and the remote volume control does not control my TV volume anymore… do I need to turn on a setting? CEC is enabled.

Thank you!


We haven’t changed anything CEC related in this update.
I’d suggest powering down everything at the mains for a few minutes


Mine has done the same since the latest update. CEC is working* as it normally does but it has stopped controlling the tv volume. I have reset them both but still the same. Do I need to reset the amp too?

If by “reset” you mean unplug from the wall for a minute, then probably. When something goes sideways with CEC the best course is generally to pull power from all devices that are using it at the same time so you are ensured that the bus gets reset. If by “reset” you mean setting your AVR to defaults, normally not, but it is not out of the realm of possibilities. Modern AVR’s can get all sorts of weird problems that can only be fixed by resetting to factory defaults.

Thanks. I did the pull the plugs method and now hardly any CEC works! I seem to recall there is best order to switch back on. Is it TV -> Amp -> source or the other way round?

It shouldn’t actually matter. Any device that turns on absent a display will try to negotiate and fail and then fall back to a default assignment. Once a display joins the bus it will kick off a negotiation for all devices on the bus and as such any devices that set their own configuration will either have that accepted by the display or will be told to try something else.

It is possible for a single device on a CEC bus to bring down or cause issues with all devices due to the nature of how it was designed. You may find it prudent to unplug the HDMI cable from devices to test if one is causing issues. For example if you have TV>AMP>Vero you can test TV>AMP and TV>Vero in isolation. Pulling power to reset the bus might be necessary. Some devices (but not the Vero) may benefit from having their CEC enable setting toggled on or off as well.

Thanks, It took a while for it to get back to normal; It seems I needed to turn on my BD player before the amp realised it should turn off with the TV! Now all works mostly as before the update.
The only thing not working as before? The Vero volume doesn’t control the TV. Never mind.

I have a 4K, Sony 75XBR900E, and Denon x2300W…and this frequently occurs, and seems to just resolve itself after a day or two.
I suspect something related to the CEC or ARC handshake maybe failing or not happening in time/right order.
I just keep both remotes on hand for when it happens :slight_smile: