Volume on OSMC remote

Hi all,

So I’ve recently reinstalled a fresh copy of OSMC onto my Vero4K (there was some skin issues slowing it all down). But I’ve got a little issue. Sometimes my volume controls on the remote doesnt do anything until I reboot the Vero. Then it works fine. It did this before the fresh install as well. Any way of getting a log file or anything for this sort of issue?


Can you enable debug logging and post a log when you’re pressing the button and it isn’t working?

Can you also confirm if you’re using passthrough. If you use passthrough you can’t adjust the volume during playback.


I’ll enable asap and do that. Currently running a video (wife hates it when I stop it midway). Checked audio output while video is running and passthrough is set to disable.


I’ve also noticed that after playing that video (and other times the volume stops working) and I try to play another video, it wont play. reboot then all works again.

hope this is the right file.