Volume Won't Increase

Hi. I lowered the volume to 20+% and rebooted my Vero. Now even if I increase the volume back to 100% and reboot the Vero, it stays stuck in 26%.

Do you have passthrough enabled?

When passthrough is enabled, the volume cannot be adjusted (or we wouldn’t be passing through the audio stream); so OSMC will just show the volume for PCM streams

I think it was enabled at first. Then I adjusted volume and then disabled. But now it’s disabled and I tried increasing the volume and reboot, then it’s still at 26%.

If this is on the same device as the one with subs issues; then the Kodi userdata may be corrupted.


Yes. Same device.

Do a fresh install?

You could just move ~/.kodi away.


Got it. Thanks!

Did this work @eagerbeaver?

Hi @sam_nazarko. The fresh install reset the volume to 100%. But I notice if I lower the volume and reboot, it goes back up to 100%. Is this the intended behaviour? I didn’t enable passthrough since removing the .kodi folder.

If you exit kodi and wait for it to reopen, is the volume setting persistent?


I’ll check

No. Not persistent. Volume back up to 100% after exit.

Ok. Will try and reproduce.

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