hi, unfortunately I found myself forced to retire my vero 4k due to compatibility problems with the other PC.
It has been in the drawer for a few weeks, and I would like to try installing volumio to use it as a music server connected to the stereo. Would it be possible to install the OS like OSMC is installed? Thank you.

I think @DBMandrake might have some insight - not sure if he uses Vero or RPi though.

What kind of compatibility issues?

with my ubuntu server , i keep kodi updated on it and i loose compatibility on vero. Now i have the samo ubuntu on both and no more problems. However this is not my problem, I would like to know if it can be done!

The current stable Version of Kodi is 20.2 so I don’t understand how you would loose compatibility with the Vero?

To answer your question on Volumio, as it is a standalone OS you can not install it on Vero.