VPN 24/7 connection for Vero

Hello Community,

I am new and will hopefully receive my Vero 4K in the next couple of days.
I read through a lot of different threads dealing with VPN connections and how to accomplish that.
From my point of view I need another advice :slight_smile:

Instead of having the vero connect as a client I would love to use a dedicated router like Asus to connect 24/7 to my VPN Service. That been said the Vero will be connected via LAN to the Asus providing a VPN connection.

I am now wondering how to tell the vero to connect to my local share on SMB (Synology). Can i do so or will the entire traffic been routed via VPN and thus invisible?


Hi Boris,

I can’t seen any issues with this. I have a raspberry pi setup as you have described and I can connect to my nfs shares for my films with no issues. The router is an Asus RT-AC66U_B1.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

thanks for your reply. To elaborate more on this topic.
Your raspberry is running osmc and streams content from e.g. local shares while connected to the ASUS and having a VPN connection, correct?

I am wondering why the traffic or “look to share” is not going via VPN…


UPDATE: I connected by MAC to a VPN Server. All local connections to shares drop. Assuming this is the same case when using my Vero to been connected to the VPN i can not use my local shares while connected.

Maybe I need to connect on demand then.

Anyone can confirm?


First you wrote you want to use your router to establish the VPN and not the Vero? What is now the case? If you use the router to establish the VPN no problem at all for the Vero to reach LAN. If you use the Vero to establish the VPN you need to configure that local LAN traffic is not going thru VPN

Sorry for confussion, this is my desired setup

INTERNET <–> Fritzbox <–> ASUS VPN <—> Vero 4K

Attached to the Fritzbox is my NAS. Does the Vero “see” my local SMB shares even when connected to the ASUS VPN Router?


Ok this is kind of a strange setup. The Vero will only “see” your SMB Shares on the Fritzbox if you exclude the LAN between the Asus and the Fritzbox from the VPN.

:slight_smile: I need the Fritzbox for DECT and connect to the internet. If i put the ASUS in front of the chain it should work, right?

It would work but all your internet traffic would then go through the VPN.
As mentioned the setup you have shown would also work, you just need to exclude the LAN from the VPN.

OK, will give it a try when receiving the Vero and keep you posted. Thank you very much for your support!